About the Author

James Spruell, Ph.D. is a former Associate Professor with a passion for poetry. On the professional side he has been a featured and invited speaker across the world and has a wide range of consulting experience. His duties have included many academic administrative positions, e.g., MBA coordinator, undergraduate coordinator, graduate program advisor, etc.

Although at the university his primary assignments were in management, he has a wide range of experience in education. The love of management has permitted him to intermingle thought, lessons, and poetry in a unique fashion to keep the reader entertained and pondering in poetic verse. His forthcoming books also blend management, faith, and insight to help the reader in self-discovery and personal mastery.

James graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Ph.D. and MBA. Additionally he has more recently completed 18 hours of finance from the MSF program at the University of Utah – a true lifelong learner!