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The World Around Us

Great poems not only express the heart and mind but evoke emotions in creative ways that allow us to see and feel another's thoughts. When Robert Frost speaks of "Miles to go before I sleep" we can see the snowy woods, the darkest night, and understand the promises we make...



Creating an Extraordinary Life: Breaking Through the Abyss

Breaking Through the Abyss















Many of us make life a little too complex. For example, we all share common physical attributes and need simple necessities such as shelter, food, water, and air to breathe. We need companionship, and seek out friends who support and sustain us daily.

We also share the desire to
... know who we are;
... how to find happiness, and achieve our dreams;
... what is God’s plan for us;
... and how to improve the way we view our self and self-worth.

This book will help you find answers that you seek. … For more detail

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Lessons from women in the Scriptures

A Help Meet - Ezer Knegdo

The scriptures could have laid husband & wife roles in Pharisee format as a formal set of do’s and don’ts. Alternatively, perhaps an informal approach might have been utilized, e.g., quietly …      ... Continue Reading




Poem of the Week


Poetry Verses

When the Moon Comes to Dance

When the hands have grown old
and eyes quite dim
true love’s fire shall never
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Women in the Scriptures


Mary, the Mother of Christ

Lessons from Women in the Scriptures

Mary, the mother of Christ is unique among all women in her divine role in giving birth to the Messiah. Her story is fascinating, regardless of whether we are Catholic, Muslim, or Latter Day Saint. And yet, for the countless pages that have been written about her, we still know so little about Mary, the person, & Mary, the Mother of God.      ... Continue Reading



Videos of Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary and the Birth of the Savior in Videos

Few things give greater insight into the Savior, & who he was, than his relationship with others, especially women and children. With Christmas approaching, we are focusing on Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Here are 4 videos that provide insight into this great woman and the birth of the Savior      ... Read More


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Finding Happiness



When a Poor Self-Esteem Becomes a Vicious Cycle

A newborn does not enter the world with a poor self-esteem, but develops a self-image in intimate interaction with care givers and others. As the child develops the brain learns to interpret its environment, e.g., crying gets attention, those wet areas around the bottom aren’t very comfortable      ... Read More



Investing Mistakes to Avoid


Ideas for the Investor

If your intend to invest, mistakes will occur! The slide share presentation below covers some of the more common, including failing to appreciate diversity to not having a plan and knowing where you want to go.

     Avoiding investment mistakes





Finding Happiness in the Holiday Season - Part One

Christmas Noel

Especially for the Single

Ever wonder if the Grinch stole Christmas? You're not alone -- the Holidays can be a tough time for singles (and others).

There can be many causes for unhappiness around holidays from SAD (basically a lack of sunlight) to man over board (trying to create the perfect Christmas).

One of the Grinch's master elves is social isolation that can creep in at Christmas. For example, many single activities are often canceled from Christmas Day until New Year's Eve and leave a vacuum for some. Others may be facing the "it's the 'X's year" leaving ...another vacuum. And the multitude of pre-Christmas family activities may remind you of your 'singleness'. And it can be tough.

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     Slide share presentation of Finding Happiness...      YouTube Version



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Hiking and Travel



Orson Smith Trail & Park

hiking trails

Hiking Orson Smith Trail

The Orson Smith Trail (and Park) is an easy hike — a little over a mile each way. The trail and park is fairly well maintained and includes benches, tables, trailhead, adequate parking, etc. The trail itself is decorated (by nature) with wild flowers, birds, and ...      Read More



Hiking in Salt Lake City and the Surrounding Area

Donut Falls

Utah has some of the most scenic hiking spots in the world. Among these are a number around Salt Lake City where the family can escape for an afternoon or day of hiking adventure. Big Cottonwood Canyon as well as Little Cottonwood Canyon provide easy access to SKC residents and visitors... read more



Isla Mujeres: Punta Sur

Punta Sur on Isla Mujeres The Video clip is a short presentation of images from Punta Sur on Isla Mujeres. The island is a favorite scuba dive destination as well as a scenic and fun spot! 0:49





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