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James Spruell, Ph.D.


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Poem 129: That Little Kiss

...By James Spruell

Do you ever wonder if trees smile,
or the maples in my yard,
do they understand?

That while I rake their leaves
it would be ever so nice
if they would coordinate
when their leaves do fall!

One drops her leaves
and with silent hush
waits for me to finish.

Then her sister with a great rush
paints the yard bright yellow
ever so quickly in the breeze.

And then,
I get to begin, all over again.

Maybe she is lonely
and just wants my company
or made a pact with the doc
to make sure I get my workout in.

But for me, I'm pretty sure
that she has a great many friends
the squirrel and robin
and an occasional blue jay too.

I have noticed
that when Jack Frost arrives,
and the first snow sets in.

If I shake her branches
to relieve the afternoon snow
she dumps it all on me
standing quietly down below.

While I love her quite true
I'm pretty sure
with a twinkle in her eye
she enjoys it, with a smile.

She is my friend
and that's what friends ever do.

I just wonder if at night
the maples and oaks talk
and share the days stories
of the robins and blue jays?

Or do they just smile
and give out the points
for a little snow on the old man
standing down below?

That's OK,
because that's what friends do.

Maybe all that snow
that she dumps on me
is just a friendly pat
to let me know.

Prune my branches if you must
just don't get carried away
yep, that's all I got to say.

My friend's quite beautiful
that's for sure
but then it would be just fine.

If she would coordinate those leaves
and maybe find someone new
to dump that snow on.

I guess that just proves
she loves me true.

For whatever else is a maple to do
if she can't have a little laugh
on me and you?

Yep, an old friend's kiss
a loving pat, from the maple tree,
that's just what it is.

© 2012 by James Spruell All rights reserved